History and Life of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The paper should include:
a 5 point introduction with one sentence for each point. The 5 points are:
1. Attention catcher
2. Listener relevance link: Statement that tells audience why information is relevant.
3.Speaker credibility: Statement that establishes speakers ethos-why you chose topic.
4.Thesis statement/Central idea: One sentence summary of speech.
5. Preview: The main points of the speech.

The outline for the paper need a 3-5 point Body with each point being one sentence.
Sub points are also okay.
I also need a transition sentence between each Body point.
Conclusion needs to be 3 points at one sentence apiece.
1. Thesis restatement: Signals end of speech.
2. Main point summary: Restatement of main points.
3. Clincher: Closing thought designed to motivate your audience to remember.

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